Although Armenia has progressed in the establishment of its institutional framework on human rights, numerous national and international reports, as well as 2012-16 package of Legal and Judicial Reform, call for greater protection of human rights in justice sector, more rule of law and judicial independence, and better promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Effective legal public institutions and protection mechanisms are needed to make Armenian citizens better informed about their rights. The increased awareness is key in widening their access to justice and, as a result, can make their rights better protected.

Meet our fellow!

Fellow-ArmeniaMy name is Liana. I’m young advocate, lawyer, human rights defender and young activist based in Armenia. I do advocacy and trainings on international law, human rights, disability issues in School for Advocates and Chamber of Advocates and lead youth initiative called “Let’s Create Smile“. I’m a member of School for Young Leaders, World Vision (Youth Advisory Council) and UN working group on Post 2015. My second profession is psychologist and my passion is writing stories. Currently, I am a HuRiLab Fellow developing innovative projects for Rule of Law, Human Rights and Justice.

How can innovation and technology make a difference?

Technology is a modern way that helps us solve problems related to the accessibility. Information, consultation, and research can be reached easily and in a more effective way using innovation. So, what should be done to promote and protect human rights, rule of law and justice?

  • Increase awareness about human rights, and improve access to youth friendly information about rights and how to exercise them.
  • Counter violence among and against youth, including trafficking and gender-based violence, focusing on prevention and promotion of rights.
  • Establish or strengthen the mechanisms to enforce human rights legislation that relates to young people.

Social innovation enables to get closer to the issue and look at it from different perspectives – finding the best solution.


Awareness is key.

Read a blog about Liana’s fellowship.


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