HuRiLab’s fellowship scheme is a unique initiative that places young consultants in UNDP offices for 1-3 months to develop innovative projects or programme areas advancing human rights and access to justice. Launched in early 2014, the initiative will be piloted in Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.


Liana from ArmeniaYoung lawyer and human rights activist Liana is developing innovative projects for Rule of Law, Human Rights and Justice in collaboration with UNDP Armenia and its innovation lab “Kolba Labs“. Learn more about Liana’s fellowship:   http://hurilab.org/fellowship_armenia/


Adnan from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Adnan from Bosnia and Herzegovina has extensive legal, policy advocacy and policy making experience in the area of anti-discrimination policies and human rights. As a HuRiLab Fellow he will research how UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina can contribute to effective anti-discrimination programmes through the use of innovative approaches. Learn more about Adnan’s fellowship: http://hurilab.org/fellowship_bih/


Gözde is our HuRiLab Fellow in Turkey with previous experience in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of international development programmes. Gözde is now working with UNDP Turkey to develop innovative concepts for legal aid and access to justice. Learn more about Gözde’s fellowship: http://hurilab.org/fellowship_turkey/


Our Fellow Sherzodbek is interested in disability rights and international advocacy. With UNDP Uzbekistan, he is developing innovative concepts to communicate human rights.Learn more about Sherzodbek’s fellowship: http://hurilab.org/fellowship_uzbekistan/

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